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Four Weeks Out

Get out there and do some good work

Forever Four Weeks Out
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Resource center for former Enthusiasm / Metro One employees to stay in touch, network and help each other.
abandoned cars, abe vigoda, anime, atari games, auto gather, bad band names, bagels, crab of time, curling, d&d, data entry, domokun, elvis, fat al bot, fatal bot, free soda, fury of the boar, gathering, golden girls, greenlake, hot swappable stomach, internet research, knitting, little red hen, logan's run, manuel gather, mark hamill, metro one, miller blimp, mommie dearest, movie night, mr. t, penguin puzzle, pizza, poker night, portuguese man of war, robot movie, sabai sabai, screaming emu riot, screech, singing hamster, star wars, stormtroppers, super summer, the apple, tron, yanni, zardoz